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U.S. Title Insurance

The real estate industry in Los Cabos is maturing with subdivided properties, master planed developments, condominiums and homes throughout its 200 mile region.  The highest percentage of foreign owners is from the United States. The Baja boom is undeniable as its natural splendor. The natural progression was the introduction of U.S. financing to the previous all cash market. U.S. Title Insurance was obviously needed to secure the investments. In 1998 U.S.US Title Insurance in Los Cabos

Title Insurance companies began offering title insurance for Trust Deed ownership in Mexico.   Today protection for buyers is easily achieved.  Buyers can have more confidence then ever before regarding the security of their purchase.   U.S. Title insurance can be purchased for properties in Los Cabos through the services of Fidelity-Global Solutions of New York, Stuart Guarantee Title of Mexico and US based, First American Title. We at Baja Properties highly recommend title insurance to our clients.  

A title commitment can be provided prior to closing, however the actual insurance policy is issued to the purchaser when they receive their Trust Deed in their name.   Some properties have title insurance commitments in place removing any doubt of the status of the title.    Some properties do not meet the guidelines established by the title companies.   Baja Properties will only show investors properties which can and will meet the standards of title commitments and insurance.

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