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What is Dream Loan?

At Intercam, we are aware that sometimes a change in pace and setting is much needed. That’s why we created the Dream Loan, a home loan mainly conceived for U.S. and Canadian nationals like you, looking to buy a house in Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta, two of the most excellent beach destinations in Mexico. As a one-stop banking experience, we’ll hand-hold you until you get the keys to your dream property.


Currency: US Dollar.

Nationality: Citizen of the United States or Canada.

Status of Residence: Temporary Resident, Permanent Resident, or Non-Resident.

Minimum Asset Value: $250,000.

Loan-to-Value: Up to 65% of valuation (risk-adjusted).

Loan terms: 1 to 25 years (risk-adjusted).

Fixed Rate: Defined by credit profile and market conditions.

Fees: Underwriting, Closing, Origination.

Benefits: No penalties for prepayments, interest on unpaid amounts, or ability to finance some closing costs.

Subject to change based on market conditions.

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