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Viceroy Residences

Find out for yourself what sets Viceroy Los Cabos apart. With meticulous attention to detail and personalized service, Viceroy Los Cabos creates long-lasting memories. 

Experience the spectacular junction of desert and sea at the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula with exclusivity. Create authentic and immersive experiences in an iconic destination where luxury abounds. Here, every curve reveals breathtaking architecture. You are tempted to live more impressively.

Viceroy is warm and sincere. It offers inspiring service, hospitality, and differentiation. Every moment, every experience is bound with exclusivity and privacy. It is designed as a beautiful living experience where you can feel the sea and sky close to you. 

Residences in Viceroy Los Cabos are cinematic works of art created by architect Miguel Angel Aragones. Captivating design, sophisticated spaces, and inspiring details make your time here one of continuous discovery and inspiration, and a good excuse to capture such an unforgettable photo-worthy backdrop. Every corner is a feast for the eye and very spacious, coupled with a sense of privacy that will make you want to walk around and enjoy the views all day long.